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The core of StirrData’s proprietary technology is an online platform and portal – StirrEngine, which yields clean, enriched, normalized data from different files and formats. The resulting StirrEngine output serves as a foundation for a variety of uses performed directly by the company or its vendors.

StirrEngine users simply drag and drop an increasing variety of file formats and layout types, such as JSON, XML, EXCEL, CSV, claims data, and 837s to directly upload them to StirrData’s data warehouse. Additional data may be obtained by connection with CRMs, webbased QuickBooks, and providers’ EMRs. 

The system’s AI and adaptive machine learning processes scrub for duplicates and errors, append phone numbers and demographic info, and further enrich the data through web scraping and other extractions from available sources. The outcome is a single file that is clean, enriched, normalized and housed in StirrData’s secure cloud data warehouse — readily viewable either online or downloaded as CSV or EXCEL files. 

StirrEngine’s data normalization process creates a richer foundation to reveal and translate into operational value.